About This Site

Over the years, I’ve devoured dozens of mystery and thriller novels. I am a purist – I refuse to skip to the last page to see who the bad guy (or gal) is. I also have harbored the foolish thought that someday I would sit down and write a novel. Emphasis on someday. But now, someday has come. With my dear husband’s blessings (“if you don’t, someday you’ll look back and be sorry!”), I am concentrating full time on writing. And by “full time,” I mean every moment that I am not distracted in an other direction by an interesting headline, Facebook conversation, or basically any shiny object.

As I am going through the process of researching and writing this would-be-novel, I am finding all sorts of useful tools and tricks for writers. I am also reading as many mystery/thriller novels as I can, and noting writing styles, trends, and techniques I love (and some I dislike quite a good bit). I will share what I discover in this blog.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

In my dreams, I’m on this list – The Edgar® Awards