Hard Work & ADHD – About Facing Difficulty

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ADHD can make everyday and special tasks seem overwhelming. Sometimes, life seems overrun with hard work!

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” — Frank A. Clark

I try to keep this quotation in mind when I am struggling – especially when everyone around me seems to be able to accomplish twice as much in half the time.  

The payoff makes hard work worthwhile.

Dragon Anywhere: Makes Writing a Less Daunting Task

Since I find typing tedious, and soon lose interest, I decided to try Dragon Anywhere to dictate my writing.  I still have to go back and edit – but I can already see that dictation software could be a blessing for anyone with ADHD.dragon anywhere

The following is a sample scene from the book I’m working on.  I haven’t edited much . . . .WAY too much passive tense – but, not surprisingly, I digress.

Stella hated her parents house. It was all white. The walls. The couch. The carpeting. The people.

Stella’s mother had seen this in some architectural digest. Supposedly, the latest thing with the rich and famous. Not that Stella’s parents were rich or famous. Rich maybe. Stella didn’t get to see much of that. Each night, her parents went out to one party or another. Maybe the opera. Maybe a dinner. Maybe a fundraiser -not that they ever donated money.

Stella spent much of her time trying to figure out how to get out of that White House. The idea to slip out first came to her while watching a movie late one night. The woman in the movie lived a double life. During the day –  a normal housewife with three beautiful children and husband who adored her. At night, she was a prostitute on the streets of Paris.

Stella wanted to be that actress. She wanted to be that woman.

As long as she could remember, Stella had wanted to be an actress. She spent hours in a room pretending to be one person to another. Sometimes a princess who had everything-sometimes the popper with nothing he lived on her wits.

The third night the Astrophel family lived in Colorado, Stella decided to slip out. Just like that actress. Just like that woman.

Enjoying the irony, Stella dressed in all black. A leather miniskirt, a low-cut crop top, and, of course, a black leather jacket. She hid the thigh-high black leather boots from her parents. By day, they sat hidden in the back of her closet, behind the designer flats, pumps, and the Jimmy Choo sandals. At night, she slipped on the boots, zipping them up to the top of her thighs, pretending to be the Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. No. That wasn’t right. She was a much better actress than Julia Roberts. At 15, she could be any age she wanted to be. Any age she needed to be.

When she applied the dark lipstick, the layers of mascara, the oversized hoop earrings – she became someone other than Stella. Someone other than the good girl. That girl who always got A’s in school. The one inspected each morning by her father to make sure she was impeccably dressed before leaving for school each day. Gone were the designer dresses, the Manolo Blahnik mules, the emerald ring her mother brought her from Paris. At night, Stella was trash. And that’s the way she wanted it.

Kind of lame – needs work – but it only took me 10 minutes instead of 2 hours to write.

Dragon Anywhere is a product of Nuance Communications, Inc.  It can be downloaded as an app for IOS or Android operating systems.  There is a one week free trial – after that it is $15/month or $150 annually.  For me, the price is worth it, but it IS a consideration.I loaded it on my iPhone and iPad (no – I’m not shilling for Apple!).  I’ve tried it on the tablet – but have yet to experiment with the phone version.

If you out Dragon Anywhere – I’d love to know what you think.  you can comment here – or email me at heather@writingasigo.com.


Disclaimer:I am not affiliated with Nuance Communications in any way

ADHD : the DSM – V psycholological definition

DSM-5 Criteria for ADHD (abridged)

  1. ADHD with Inattention: Six or more symptoms of inattention for children up to age 16, or five or more for adolescents 17 and older and adults; symptoms of inattention have been present for at least 6 months, and they are inappropriate for developmental level:
    • Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, at work, or with other activities.
    • Often has trouble holding attention on tasks or play activities.
    • Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly.
    • Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace (e.g., loses focus, side-tracked).
    • Often has trouble organizing tasks and activities.
    • Often avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to do tasks that require mental effort over a long period of time (such as schoolwork or homework).
    • Often loses things necessary for tasks and activities (e.g. school materials, pencils, books, tools, wallets, keys, paperwork, eyeglasses, mobile telephones).
    • Is often easily distracted
    • Is often forgetful in daily activities.


      Welcome to my world!

  2. ADHD with Hyperactivity and Impulsivity: Six or more symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity for children up to age 16, or five or more for adolescents 17 and older and adults; symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity have been present for at least 6 months to an extent that is disruptive and inappropriate for the person’s developmental level:
    • Often fidgets with or taps hands or feet, or squirms in seat.
    • Often leaves seat in situations when remaining seated is expected.
    • Often runs about or climbs in situations where it is not appropriate (adolescents or adults may be limited to feeling restless).
    • Often unable to play or take part in leisure activities quietly.
    • Is often “on the go” acting as if “driven by a motor”.
    • Often talks excessively.
    • Often blurts out an answer before a question has been completed.
    • Often has trouble waiting his/her turn.
    • Often interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g., butts into conversations or games)
In addition, the following ADHD conditions must be met:
  • Several inattentive or hyperactive-impulsive symptoms were present before age 12 years.
  • Several symptoms are present in two or more setting, (such as at home, school or work; with friends or relatives; in other activities).
  • There is clear evidence that the symptoms interfere with, or reduce the quality of, social, school, or work functioning.
  • The symptoms are not better explained by another mental disorder (such as a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, dissociative disorder, or a personality disorder). The symptoms do not happen only during the course of schizophrenia or another psychotic disorder.
Based on the types of symptoms, three kinds (presentations) of ADHD can occur:

Combined Presentation: if enough symptoms of both criteria inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity were present for the past 6 months

Predominantly Inattentive Presentation: if enough symptoms of inattention, but not hyperactivity-impulsivity, were present for the past six months

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation: if enough symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity but not inattention were present for the past six months.

Because symptoms can change over time, the presentation may change over time as well.

ADHD in Adults

ADHD often lasts into adulthood. For more information about diagnosis and treatment throughout the lifespan, please visit the websites of the National Resource Center on ADHD and the National Institutes of Mental Health.


Content source: Division of Human Development and Disability, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Human Trafficking Facts – Barrow Case Continues

Human Trafficking Problem Not Always, “Somewhere Else.”
human trafficking barrow

200,000 American youth are at risk of becoming human trafficking victims each year.

In Madison and Marshall counties, former Guntersville High School volleyball coach David Barrow faces over 25 sexual abuse-related charges including human trafficking. Under H.R. 972 (109th): Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Act of 2005, anyone under the age of 18 who is used for a commercial sex act is automatically a victim of human trafficking, regardless of whether he or she is a “willing” participant.

On Aug. 13, multiple charges were levied against Barrow for production of child pornography, possession of child pornography, and aggravated criminal surveillance.  According to the Marshall County District Attorney, Steve Marshall, warrants were filed Aug. 13 after computers and other storage items taken from Barrow’s home yielded video and photos of children under 17 in various states of undress.

26% of all human trafficking victims are children according to the International Labour Organization,(2012).human trafficking 26 percent children

According to estimates reported in The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U. S., Canada and Mexico (CSEC) approximately 200,000 American youth are at risk of becoming human trafficking victims each year.  While the majority of these children are either runaways, throwaways or homeless youth, a substantial number of children living at home also are involved in CSEC, including junior and senior high school students recruited in the making and distribution of non-commercial pornography.

Students of Guntersville High School in Alabama were photographed and video recorded by Barrow.  The school plans to begin counseling sessions in the near future, but for the present, those who were victimized by Barrow can seek support at the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of Marshall County. (The CAC is located at 825 Gunter Ave Guntersville, AL 35976   (https://www.google.com/maps/preview?ie=UTF8&cid=2785904642197127160&q=Child+Advocacy+Center&iwloc=A&gl=US&hl=en) and can be reached at (256) 582-8492 for additional information.

Sexual abuse charges filed against David Barrow

Local Soccer Coach Accused of Sexual Abuse in Court

In July of 2014, Volunteer Guntersville High School girls soccer coach, David Barrow, charged with over 25 counts of sexual abuse, was accused in a Madison County, Alabama court of using a Caucasian woman to ask members of the Grissom High School girls’ swim team if they would like to model to earn extra money.  The woman allegedly approached the girls at the YMCA on Weatherly Road in south Huntsville.

sexual abuse barrow

David Barrow Charged with Sexual Abuses

AD Discloses New Information

Assistant district attorney for Madison County, Tim Gann, disclosed that this information was first revealed at the preliminary hearing of Barrow’s alleged accomplice Kristian Danette Griffin in a Marshall county case earlier that day.  Griffin, who is not the same woman who approached the Grissom swim team, previously made a similar modeling offers to two 10 year-old girls (including her own daughter) and then transported them to Barrow’s home, at his request.

National Children’s’ Advocacy Center Inspector, William McDonald, testified at Griffin’s hearing that he witnessed Barrow at the YMCA with a white female at the same time the Grissom swim team was present.  YMCA staff escorted Barrow and his companion from the premises. In Madison County, Barrow already faced three counts of first-degree sexual assault, three counts of first-degree human trafficking and one count of first-degree sodomy filed in June 2014.

Additionally, ADA Gann says an interview with the Caucasian woman seen with Barrow at the YMCA will be arranged. It is not yet know if charges will be filed against her.

Initial charges filed against Barrow in May 2014 including two counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12 and two counts of human trafficking. Barrow now faces over 20 additional charges, filed Wednesday night, including production of child pornography, possession of child pornography, and aggravated criminal surveillance.  According to the Marshall County, Alabama District Attorney, Steve Marshall, more warrants were filed after computers and other storage items taken from Barrow’s home yielded video and photos of children under 17 in various states of undress and, “it appears none of the people involved had knowledge they were being imaged.”

From July, 2014

Censorship in Ancient, Medieval Literature

censorship-medieval-banned-books“The tactic of banning books is, to quote Disney’s version of Beauty and the Beast, a tale as old as time. Yet it is rarely an effective method for halting the spread of information. The word censura (“censorship”) comes from the Latin verb censeowhich means to assess. Although publication took a different form prior to the printing press’s introduction to the West in 1450, there was still a great deal of textual censorship and numerous instances of book burning in the premodern Mediterranean.”

Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read any book that we want, despite the fact that written works continue to be censored and removed from libraries even today.The American Library Association (ALA), reported 311 books in 2014, and keeps a running top 10 list of books banned yearly; however, many censored books — as many as 80% — are never even reported to the ALA.


Source: Top 5 Ancient And Medieval Censored Books To Read During Banned Book Week