Review: The Prom Book: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need by Lauren Metz

prom bookLauren Metz began her professional career on staff at Seventeen Magazine, and it shows in her work.

While the author aims to write a book that makes the ultimate prom seem within the reach of any of her readers, she begins Chapter One by, revealing that, the week before she started her job at Seventeen Magazine, she attended three proms in one week. Nothing intimidating there – no – not at all. Gentle readers – do NOT try to gauge your own popularity by comparing your schedule to that of the book’s author. Attending one prom – with a date, a group, or stag is infinitely preferable than a week spent juggling 3 dresses, a garden full of flowers, and a series of dates whose names you might slip-up and confuse at an awkward moment!

Metz does offer much valuable advice that bears mention.

Prom planning goes beyond planning your date, dress and flowers. The author advocates picking up odd jobs to help with the budget. Prom can be ab expensive ordeal, and Metz suggests offering to split the cost with your parents (At one point, she suggests cleaning out the family garage and selling your parents’ stuff on Ebay. Let me add my own advice – check with your parents before you accidentally sell one of their prized possessions.) Metz wisely advises teens not to abandon any money making ventures after prom, reminding teens that college costs are right around the corner!

I cannot whole-heartedly buy into the book’s subtitle (after all, I was once a teen girl – I know it requires scores of books, magazines, websites, text messages, and good, old fashioned phone calls to multiple friends to ready ones self for an formal dance, let alone prom) I do think Metz’ missive is a great place to start – IF you are a dress wearing member of the party. Apparently, if you are male, or dressing in a tux or something traditionally labeled as, “masculine,” you are out of luck. Metz’s book is aimed at only the most feminine of girly-girls

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