Suzy Tamasy

Creative Designer Making a Crucial Difference

Canadian fashion designer Suzy Tamasy is the founder SuzyQJewels & Frugal Divas. Seven years ago, this energetic idealist launched an exceptional initiative. Tamasy’s goal was – and still is – to alter the way our society encourages, honors, and invests in female entrepreneurs.  

I was remarkably fortunate to have the chance to interview Suzy; I am awestruck and deeply affected by the path that led Tamasy to found SuzyQJewels & Frugal Divas.

I began our conversation with something I assumed to be a straightforward question:

“Define fashion.”

The candor of Tamasy’s answer took me by complete surprise! Suzy revealed that she grew up in an abusive home – an experience that continually shapes the unwavering altruism of SuzyQJewels & Frugal Divas’ business model.

Tamasy studied  Pension Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario and is committed to sharing her expertise in managing money. By sharing business tips, Suzy assists other women in expanding other opportunities for growth in their lives. Tamasy provides everyday living tips on entertainment, home décor, and recycling innovations to help save our planet. Her passion is fashion and being an appearance stylist, and her goal is to assist to stop contributing to our landfill by recycling your clothing and giving back to the community

SuzyQJewels & Frugal Divas donates a portion of its sales to five different women’s shelters across the Toronto area. Ten percent of each total purchase is placed in a trust fund and evenly distributed among the shelters.

The organizations SuzyQJewels & Frugal Divas support enable women and children to leave abusive relationships by providing support and shelter while progressing toward a safer life. Tamasy’s organization helps ensure both the positive publicity and financial relief required to provide necessary free shelter, therapy, and counseling across Toronto. (In adherence to  privacy policies furthermore protect women’s safety, the names of some of the women’s shelters Suzy’s company works with are confidential.)

Launching her business part-time with pop-up shops in beauty salons,  Suzy’s first designs were handmade jewelry items made from recycled materials. For five years, Tamasy worked out of a home office. As her organization continues to grow, Suzy is crafting a “mini-empire.” In addition to the services and products on, a virtual consignment shop on Facebook now offers a new SuzyQJewels & Frugal Divas clothing line.

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